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You may visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanna-groves/ which is my Linkedin Profile of Testimonials from Real Business Owners & CEOs. Feel free to add me as a contact.

Ryota Iwai | Internet Entrepreneur “Hanna is a very caring person for her clients. Her approach to her works for her clients shows her dedication to their success. Her knowledge is exceptional and I’ve always learned from her. I would highly recommend her for her services.”

Sergio Antunes | Daily Royalty “Hanna is incredibly professional but at the same time listens and cares for her clients. Hanna and her team at Divergent Media are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to SEO and ranking your business at Google #1. I highly recommend partnering with Hanna as she will deliver you results.”

Bridget Castle | FLUX Fish “What an absolute pleasure it was to work with Hanna. She is a proven professional in the digital marketing field. She has the experience and knowledge to provide results and achieve the rankings and traffic that customers are looking for in their SEO campaigns. Truly impressed and look forward to working with Divergent Media again.”

Roddy O’Lavery | Social Fusion “If you need professional SEO or SEM for your business then I recommend you hire Hanna Groves. She has supported me with my business to grow both my client base but also my bottom line. If you want the same for your business then Hanna Groves is my absolute recommendation. Hire her today!!”

Jabir Mohamed | Lead Generation Specialist “Hanna is extremely dedicated to her craft, and it shows in the results she gets for her clients. If Hanna decides to bring you on board then be certain that she will exceed your expectations.”

Jeffrey Itl | Investor “If you are in need of an SEO agency that can get you to the top of the Google search rankings then look no further than Divergent Media. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Hanna is one of the best in the industry. She has deep domain expertise and is a wonderful communicator.”


Brian Morrow | Digital Marketing Expert “I would highly recommend Hanna to anyone looking for help with their digital marketing. Not only is she a great person, she is also a professional SEO consultant that really knows her stuff. You will be amazed by her level of commitment to her customers and their needs. If you are looking for someone to get your business to the top of Google, then you need to speak with Hanna.”

Jamie Snodgrass | Rise Atlantic “If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, your SEO ranking and receive more clients, Divergent Media is an excellent choice. Top notch Digital Marketing Agency with friendly and knowledgeable staff. Highly recommend.”

Bill Cleary | Mackay Drug Testing Services “Several months ago I decided that I needed to find ways to market my business better and went looking to see what and how I could do this, I ran across a lady by the name of Hanna Groves, as it turns out Hanna does so many wonderful things with the internet and marketing. I got to know Hanna over some weeks and talked to her about how I could improve the profile of my company in the market, we started with simple things flyers etc and from there Hanna has done some simply wonderful work for me and shown me how her professionalism and talent in marketing through web design, social media etc could help and improve the profile of my business. Because the industry I work in is so unique I thought it would make it hard to market myself but Hanna has shown me that someone with the talents nothing is hard and she loves a good challenge (and I have provided that). I truly would highly recommend Hanna to anyone thinking of anything with web design, digital marketing, social media etc Hanna is an amazingly talented lady that would be a great asset to anyone’s business.”

Siraj Hudda | Top Canada Wed Design “When it comes to Digital Marketing & Ranking your website on top of google search results Divergent Media is the Best SEO Team you will come across. They helped me rank one of my site among tough niche. Highly Recommended!”

Bahadir Oguz “Divergent Media is the Best! They’re extremely professional and knowledgeable marketer. Results were outstanding and well worth the investment. I highly recommend it!!!”